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Frank Kern started his About Me page off as if he were talking in the 3rd person about himself and then changed it to the first person narrative later in to the page. I thought it was funny how he did it but I am not as funny a guy so I will just start off talking about how much of a dork I am.

Every person comes to the internet looking for gold and riches. I won't lie, I did too! I mean back in 2011, I was doing really stupid stuff:

Like doing penny tasks - You go to a website and it gives you a list of tasks to do and you get paid on what you did. Some of them were decent paying, $5 here or there, but most of it was for $0.01 or $0.05 per task. Dumb right? Yeah it was for me anyway. I was SOOO sick of my job at that point.

I had graduated with a degree that didn't really amount to much because I had gotten it from an online school and businesses weren't really excited about online degrees yet. So there I was stuck in a job that I hated, with a college degree that didn't get me what I wanted and I had 5 kids and had been married just over 11 years.

Then in November or December, I stumbled upon Liz Tomey. A marketer who was teaching newbie people how to build a solid business on the internet and have a backpack lifestyle business.

I had also stumbled upon a really cool ebook called "The Lost Blueprint" by Kyle Tully. It is no longer available but it was some solid training on what an online business should look like.

So after getting those things, you are probably wondering if I struck the proverbial gold mine...and to tell you the truth, I did. But there were complications...namely ME!!

You see, riches on the internet are not "push a button and you make a bajillion dollars in the first hour". If you want to make it wealthy, I will go into that in just a moment, then you need to put forth a significant amount of effort. You are going to work and work hard. Why? Because this is a BUSINESS!!! Business has always and will always require effort to be successful.

So what happened to you then? You are probably wondering this right? Well, my problem was what every new person looking to make money on the internet does...I chased the "Shiny Object". I wanted the quick profits with the least amount of effort. That is what happened to me. Even though I had Liz and "The Lost Blueprint" to guide me, I still fell for the bug that most newbies (new marketers) catch when they start researching the idea of making money online.

You see, making money online is as simple as 1..2..3:

1. Build A List
2. Develop A Relationship With That List
3. Market To That List

The catch is that this requires blood, sweat, and tears. It requires you putting yourself out there and being exposed to everyone for who you are. If you can't handle that, then I suggest you not even get started.

So back to me...this is an "About Me" page?

After a while, I finally pulled my head out of the ground and accepted what I had to do and really began building a list and developing a relationship with that list. I have put together this blog to help me in that endeavor. You will find a ton of tools, tips, and tricks that I have learned over the years to help you build your very own online business.

But a word from our sponsors:



If you want success, then be willing to work for it and stop buying everything. This almost bankrupted me and my family because I didn't know when enough was enough.

You only need to buy trainings and tools when you absolutely need them...who cares if they are on sale right now. Chances are, they will be for sale again at some point or another product doing the same thing will be as well.

Save your money for your traffic generation or for when you really need a tool or mentor to help you get to the next level. THAT is what your money should be for, tools or training when needed to get to the next level.

So now I have several trainings out to help new marketers figure out the basics to building a solid foundation and then some advanced training to help them take their business to six-figures!!

It was not easy. I had to seriously bang my head against the wall to stop doing stupid stuff and really focus on what mattered the most:

1. Build A List
2. Develop A Relationship With That List
3. Market To That List

Okay...Okay. Enough about me...what about you? What are you wanting to have happen in your life that you want to be different? Do you want an online business? If so, then I suggest you join my free training that you will see in the right had column. Go through that training and you will have the foundational aspects of a business ready to go.

I am not opposed to answering questions but I don't do free mentoring. I will answer basic questions but if you want a serious business and want my help doing it, then I suggest you join my "5-Day Blueprint Class" and you will get one on one attention for a decent price.

Just an FYI, it is limited to 50 people at a time, so it may be shut down intermittently. If it is, then sign up for the wait list and you will be allowed to join and launch a successful business within 7-10 days.

Okay, I am out of here.

Signing off,

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